How Much Weight to Gain during Pregnancy

The easygoing approach to weight gain during pregnancy is a thing of the past. Indulging an expectant mother’s every culinary whim regardless of her weight gain is now recognized by doctors as thoughtless behavior. A baby’s health is affected by the mother’s weight and the speed at which she gains it. Failure to control the additional pounds can bring problems to Mom during the pregnancy, causing more Caesarean section deliveries, hypertension, and gestational diabetes. Health issues that can be created for the child in later years include hypertension, diabetes and adult obesity. Get all the information you need by visiting at this site.

PregnancyThe right amount of gain is a very personal issue, dependent to a great extent on the mother’s pre-pregnancy weight and size. A very useful statistic in determining appropriate weight gain is your body mass index. Referred to as BMI, it goes beyond pounds, analyzing the proportion of body fat using dimensions such as height and weight. The rule of thumb is that if your BMI is running toward the lower end of the scale, you should put on more pounds. On the other hand, those mothers whose BMI falls in a higher range should minimize the additional weight.

The amount of your gain is not the only consideration. The rate at which you add the pounds is also important and should be accomplished slowly, through eating nutritious and healthful foods, not from binging on fattening snacks. Take it slowly in your first trimester. There should be no dramatic increase in the number on the scale. Don’t fall into the thinking that your baby requires vast amounts of food. Instead, realize how small that baby actually is at this point in your pregnancy and how little it is actually demanding in extra calories.

The second trimester is the period during which you can expect to increase about one pound each week. Keep up your awareness of appropriate foods rather than impulsive choices. Low fat and high protein choices are wise and will help you maintain control. And yes, the baby is getting bigger and is now requiring a little more in the way of calories.

During your last three months, you probably want to add a total of between 10 and 14 pounds. You may find your weight going up less reliably at this point, so keep an eye on the scale and manage your diet to maintain steady progress. Throughout the entire pregnancy, keep in mind that what you eat can affect the speed of your baby’s development and state of readiness to enter the world.

While general guidelines are good to observe, by far the best way to determine how much weight to gain is to consult with your medical professional. Each situation is different, and individual health concerns need to be assessed by your nurse practitioner or doctor. Regular visits, good communication, and careful observation of their recommendations should be your ultimate guide.